For over 50 years Bazzurri has been synonymous with trust and reliability for its customers, values that have become established over time thanks to the high-quality, cutting-edge materials offered, the continuous training of its staff and the ability to continuously evolve without ever losing its roots. The search for highly innovative solutions is intertwined with a careful selection of surface finishes and shapes, offering a wide range of products that respond to every furnishing need with style and elegance.

A profound knowledge of materials, the choice of the most prestigious brands in the industry and designing assistance and after-sales service have helped the company to grow, expanding its services to try to understand and satisfy the needs of a clientele increasingly attentive to the value and comfort of living spaces. Attention to detail, the investigating of the potential of materials, and the support of specialized professionals allow us to give shape and substance to living areas with a unique, sophisticated design.

The vision of its founder, Lamberto Bazzurri, is a source of continuous inspiration, and he is preparing to guide the company into its third generation of the company, based on its strength of professionalism and interpreting the style of the future.

Our history


Respect for the environment and attention to people and the local area have taken on an increasingly significant role in the planning of our company’s activities and investments. The creation of value is measured first of all with responsibility towards the community in which we do business: it is with this awareness that Bazzurri has oriented and continues to orient its corporate choices in the direction of sustainability, through concrete actions and always looking towards the future. Anticipating the changes taking place and the need to use sources of energy that respect natural resources, Bazzurri installed a photovoltaic system at its headquarters several years ago, which allows the company to contribute to its own energy needs and to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Another step in the direction of sustainable mobility was taken with the installation of an electric vehicle charging station for use by company staff and customers: an additional service that combines efficiency and respect for the environment. Bazzurri’s green spirit can also be seen in the careful choice of materials for the home. To help save water resources, we offer a wide range of taps and devices for reducing water consumption. The impact on the environment is a factor that also guides the choice of flooring. In this area we select high quality products aimed at protecting and preserving nature: from biocompatibility-certified wooden products to porcelain stoneware, a sustainable product made according to energy and water efficiency criteria. These products are able to satisfy the demands of consumers who are increasingly attentive to environmental sustainability issues. Bazzurri seeks to grasp and explore customer needs, offering increasingly personalized content in step with the times and innovations in the industry, providing users with the opportunity to build environments where aesthetics, functionality and environmental protection are in perfect harmony.

Our lines

Home.10 is an idea that is constantly evolving and being transformed into a wide variety of materials and surfaces. Created in 2010, the name of this line expresses the guiding spirit of its projects and creations: love for the home, what each of us holds most dear, talent and excellence.

The furnishings, finishes and materials all follow the same pattern, thus lending themselves to personalized combinations, offering everyone the opportunity to create something unique. Italian design and production ensure a product of excellence, both aesthetically and qualitatively, with timeless value.

Home.10 includes floors, facings; bathrooms, furniture and refined, contemporary furnishings, in the i-Wood, i-Material, i-Tiles and i-Style lines. Home.10 is a unique, ideal environment in which the customer and the designer express their own tastes, making it exclusive, inimitable and harmonious, characteristics found in every Home.10 product and material, with the unmistakable “made in Italy” design: floorings and facings not only in natural materials such as wood, stone and marble, but also microcement, porcelain stoneware, and other uncommon, original materials, vertical surfaces embellished with modern mosaics, Corian, showers and bathtubs expertly designed to combine comfort and design, furniture and furnishing with style and originality. All this is found in the ever-evolving world of Home.10.


I Sensi is the selection of Bazzurri furnishing accessories and articles with an exclusive, sophisticated design: glassware, fabric accessories and decorations for the table with essential lines that enhance the purity of the materials.

Candles, fragrances and scents for interior spaces, essential for creating sensations and emotions, and many original gift ideas for astonishing special people. Articles chosen to awaken all the senses with elegant taste, the delicacy of perfumed fragrances, the visual refinement of the style, the pleasant feel of the fabrics, and the atmosphere that Bazzurri furnishing accessories and articles can create.


Our brands